The downloadable tracks included in this amazing seminar recording include:

1. Introduction
2. The Need for Love
3. The Need for Love Continuted
4. The Need for Love Concluded
5. The Search For Claritiy
6. The Search For Claritiy Continued
7. The Search For Claritiy Concluded
8. The Need for Control
9. The Need for Control Concluded
10. The Awakened Heart
11. The Magician
12. Visualizations

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Uncover all the past limiting patterns that have prevented you from knowing the Essence of who you really are: The Awakened Heart!

5 lessons and their journeys that expose the archetypal structure of your ego—why you do what you do on a subconscious level.

The 5 lessons include: Trust and love, Mental Clarity and Pure Intelligence, Assertion, Ego Transcendence: Servant to the Universe, Faith and Joy.