The downloadable tracks included in this amazing seminar recording include:

1. Overview, Placebo, Hypnotic Responsiveness
2. Visualization and Immune System
3. Interrupting Past Cellular Patterns
4. State Dependent Learning
5. The Rossi Exercise
6. Rossi Continiued and Stress
7. Change Personal History and Pain Control
8. Optimistic Cognitive Appraisal
9. Optimistic Cognitive Appraisal and The 6-Step Reframe
10. New Paradigm and Meditation
11. Love Itself Meditation
12. The Physical Journey of Healing

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Cutting-edge science of PNI (Pyschoneuroimmunology) Easily understood.

Empowers people to take charge of they own prevention and/or healing

“To forever destroy the belief that healing comes from outside the body, and to support and natures the belief that you have all the resources within your body/mind to heal yourself.”

Sources include Dr. Deepak Choptra, Dr. Ernest Rossi, Dr. Blair Justice, Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Elliot Dacher, Dr. Hans Selye, Dr. Milton Erickson