What participants and clients are saying about working with Dr. Bob Bays:

As a professional service agency, we are dependent on the quality of our people. Our use of The Identity Factor in recruitment, amongst other things, has allowed us to put together teams that are harmonious and superbly suited to their tasks. We are convinced that the use of this technology was instrumental in us winning the UK Best Small Consultancy award in 1998. — Mark Palmer, Personnel Director for Rosalyn Palmer PR, London, England.

We hired Dr. Bays to help solve long-simmering internal communication problems. The results he achieved for the company exceeded my expectations. He identifies and addressed the road blocks we faced, and, much to my surprise, his solutions also helped management inspire a greater level of sales productivity. After Bob, new business climbed. The pervading and negotiating skills he taught became cornerstones of how to truly understand different points of view. Solutions became easier to find. What a gift his training became—and it was fun. – Michael Caggiano, Executive Vice President, Rober Charles Lesser and Co., Los Angeles.

Dr. Bob Bays’ encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of human nature and behavior, and his spell-binding live presentations have won the hearts of Australian audiences. He is the #1 echelon of human development presenters. – Ross Marlow, Australian Manager of International Speakers, including Tom Hopkins, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Anthony Robbins, Sydney Australia

Bob Bays has an uncanny ability to speak the most profound and powerful personal development teachings and understanding in the language of business and corporate reality. – Jonathan Austin, Chairman, Group Managing Director, J.H Austin Group, United Kingdom.

Skills of Power has given me the most effective and easiest tools I’ve ever encountered to create what I want in my life NOW!!
Bob Bays’s presentation and delivery is so dynamic, informative, logical, persuasive and use downright funny that I could not imagine it done better by anyone!!! I really like the guy and the way he works. Thanks, Bob. – Gregor Cole, Customer Service Manager, Telstra, Gosford, Australia.

It’s hard to find the words to express how this program has impacted my life. I’ve spent the last 4 years in psychotherapy, trying to change my self-defeating behaviors—what a waste of $!! I fell so lucky to have learned these lessons at 34 instead of 50! – Judy K, Medical Assistant, County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.