These two books focus on Awakening and Enlightenment, but from two very different perspectives.

Enlightenment is Not the Tooth Fairy is a spiritual self-help book, which takes the reader from ego-strengthening to ego transcendence. It can be used as a spiritual workbook.

Once upon a Lover’s Dream is a series of therapeutic metaphors cast within the form of a romantic novel . The stories are meant to heal on the other-than-conscious level, but are also meant to entertain in a provocative way both emotionally and spiritually.

Enlightenment is Not the Tooth Fairy
Put your ego under your pillow and WAKE UP!

A handbook full of experiential exercises that guide the seeker to both intellectual understanding and a direct experience of Enlightenment/Awakening.

Study and experience 3 archetypal ego stories that veil an individual’s ongoing Self-Realization. Each story is life a five-act movie script that must be studied, mastered, and finally transcended:

Act 1: An experimental glimpse of Enlightenment.
Act 2: The core suffering of the story.
Act 3: Symptoms (behavior and beliefs) that indicate the need for ego strengthening,
Act 4: Exercises to strengthen the ego for survival and success in the world,
Act 5: The three highly successful ego strategies are exposed, then dissolved in a powerful transcendence exercise.

Once Upon a Lover’s Dream
A novel that heals

A compelling novel of spiritual love that tells the story of Terry Lane, who travels the U.S., inspiring and healing the psychic wounds of his audiences with fables, dramas, and parables of possibility and renewal.

A cynical advertising executive, Tray Amory, is plummeted into Teri Lane’s transformative world, while facing a mind-consuming choice between two beguiling women, who teach I’m how to love consciously, and join them in the world of the heart.