The downloadable tracks included in this amazing seminar recording include:

1. How our Minds Work
2. How our Minds Work Continued
3. Outcomes and Anchoring
4. Outcomes and Anchoring Continued
5. Change Personal History
6. Beliefs
7. Rapport and Deletions
8. Submodalities
9. Submodalities and Reframing
10. Reframing
11. All Exercises
12. All Exercises Continued


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The 3-day seminar in NLP/NAC that follows Anthony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within seminar:

  • Emotional mastery—the critical key to happiness
  • Create your own reality by learning how to recognize and eliminate un-resourceful controlling beliefs in yourself and in others
  • Learn how to enter other people’s worlds to deeply understand how they think, feel , communicate, speak their language with precision
  • Present your point of view persuasively
  • Break through resistance in any situation
  • Motivate yourself by learning how to manifest your deepest needs.